More productive meetings
Less stress and wasted time
Greater engagement & results

Unclear communication slows down your organization

Frustration from long and unfocused meetings
Lack of confidence causing great ideas to go unshared
Constant struggle to keep everyone aligned
Disappointment from presentations that don’t lead to action
We believe communication is a critical skill for individual and organizational success.
Mike & Michelle Gropp Co-Founders of Lead with Words, Creators of 'Present to Influence' training
We believe every department, every team deserves a culture of clear communication.
Mike & Michelle Gropp Co-Founders of Lead with Words, Creators of 'Present to Influence' e-learning

Meet Mike and Michelle

We are an adventurous husband/wife duo who are passionate about clear communication.

While living and working around the globe for 10 years, we personally experienced the negative impacts caused by unclear communication in international and diverse organizations.

We founded Lead with Words in 2015 to partner with organizations to tackle this challenge and make a difference in their communication.

We started by delivering in-person trainings to companies in China, and now, our e-learning has made Present to Influence accessible to organizations around the world.

Trusted by leading companies

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Present to Influence is a 10-hour, video-based e-learning

Flexible, on-demand learning

Bite-sized videos easily fit into busy schedules

For all types of communication

Expertly designed for in-person and virtual meetings, one-on-one conversations, or formal presentations

Focused on content and delivery

Our step-by-step, comprehensive method focuses on content (what to say), then delivery (how to say it)

LOTS of practice

Each learner develops the content of their own real presentation, then delivers it part-by-part via 5 filmed presentations

It's time to bring clarity to your daily communications

1. Schedule a call

Let’s talk through your communication training needs so we can understand your current challenges and desired outcomes

2. Receive your custom plan

Based on your specific needs and scope, we send you a customized communication plan and enroll your learners in the e-learning

3. See your learners grow

Your learners will ‘present to influence’ at all opportunities and drive your organization forward

What business leaders say about Present to Influence

"Thank you for the expert presentation training for our APAC management team! Both delivery and learnings exceeded our expectations."
Shelley Caratozzolo
Executive HR Director APAC at Vanderlande
"The feedback was tremendous. Diverse learners each took something different and valuable away. We were impressed with the capability build and ROI."
HR Leader
Johnson & Johnson
"My teams found the Present to Influence training a game-changer."
Gillian Castle
Associate VP of Group Sales at Co-operators
"Lead with Words is the best training company I have used for effective communication and presentation skills. I highly recommend them to other organizations."
Mengjuan Li
VP & Head of HR at Johnson & Johnson
"In our daily work environment, it's crucial to be able to deliver complex content in an understandable way, customized for the respective audience. We made a huge step in this direction from this training!”
Gerald Tropper
CFO at Daimler Trucks China
"The program has an excellent structure and very good tools to prepare presentations that influence. I know from experience that this training can benefit people from every background and provide skills for highly effective communication."
Kevin Rogers
President of Sales & Marketing at Elanders
"Our hotel management not only absorbed the secrets of what, why, and how, but also got lots of practice. We can now see the huge difference between the 'before' and 'after'. I highly recommend 'Present to Influence' to all organizations and leaders."
Nick Huang
HR Director at Rosewood Beijing Hotel
"We work in a multicultural environment, presenting our ideas to decision-makers from different backgrounds, which requires excellent presentation skills. This training was the perfect fit for our people, and everyone made significant progress.”
Mathewos Mehari
Finance & Administrative Officer at UNESCO
“People working in an international company will definitely benefit from this training.”
Doney Xu
Managing Director at Vanderlande

What learners say about Present to Influence

“A huge thank you - prior to this course I admit I didn’t prepare enough and just jumped straight into slide development - my presentation story now will be more clear, logical, persuasive, and end with action!”
Medical Affairs Therapeutic Area Lead
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
I loved the training. It brought me to the next level of leadership skills!
Strategic Marketing Director
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
My influencing skills are developing every day by applying these lessons. Presentations have always been one of my biggest strengths, but they have gotten even better because of this training!
Strategic Marketing Director
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
"I have been giving public presentations for over 25 years, addressing crowds up to 500 people in the past and I’m absolutely thrilled to have taken this training because it taught me a system that works. Well structured program with very valuable lessons, tips and strategies. Loved it!”
Co-operators Insurance
"I found it to be very beneficial. The separate toolkit pdf is going in my ‘take everywhere career bag’ and for personal use forevermore."
Co-operators Insurance
"The content was well presented, clear and supported by concrete examples. I could easily identify my areas of improvement and make connections to my current work and past presentations."
Karine Bélanger
Performance Optimization at Co-operators Insurance
“The training was clear, practical, efficient, and busted the myth that presentations are scary.”
Jean-François Lafon
Engineer at Airbus
“I really liked the hands-on practical format - listening to videos, noting down key learnings, then putting what you have learned into practice. I liked how it was broken down into steps and then you practice each step. Watching yourself on video is very powerful to build self awareness as well as demonstrating your before/after delivery and improvement.”
Medical Affairs Lead
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
"I was pleasantly surprised by the great learnings I've had through this well-structured training. If you are on the same journey to increase your influence and productivity through clear and confident communication, I would recommend this course!"
Therapeutic Area Strategy Director
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
“I loved how the training combined theory and practical application. Mike and Michelle are both professional and humorous!”
Qiwei Cai
Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Elekta
“I liked that we separated every step of the development of a presentation: preparation, structure, body language, voice, and eye contact. This made it easy to concentrate and make improvements on each step separately.”
Sophie Ozouaki
Procurement Intelligence at Airbus
“My favorite thing about this training is that it involves lots of practice!”
Kyle Liu
Sales Engineer at Vanderlande
“The tools are very clear and the layout is so simple. They force you into making clear statements. You just understand the structure after you go through the tools. I will definitely use these tools again!”
Svetlana Borisenko
Assistant Front Services Manager at Rosewood Beijing Hotel
“The tools we received will help save me time when developing presentations in the future. I suggest that we can continue to hold this training every year!”
Lian Guangyu
Deputy Manager at China Petroleum Engineering
“What we learned is adaptable to any kind of communication."
Dora Yuan
Product Marketing Specialist at Elekta
“This training is beneficial to our work.”
Dianzhen Wu
Engineer at Daimler
“I like that I got to work on a real presentation I have coming up.”
Qun Zhao
Engineer at Airbus
“I liked that we learned a clear structure. The tools they provided make it easy to follow this structure. It’s an excellent training!”
Runfei Xu
Engineer at Daimler
This is the method to the madness!
Student, Master of Digital Product Management
Smith School of Business (Queen's University)
I have become more confident and now have a framework to approach presentations.
Student, Master of Digital Product Management
Smith School of Business (Queen's University)
I learned to strategically think through the presentation and understand the audience before starting. This makes it more seamless by planning how to communicate your message versus continually refining content that has not been thoughtfully created. This saves a lot of time.
Student, Master of Digital Product Management
Smith School of Business (Queen's University)

Each learner gets...

  • Ongoing access to the e-learning
  • Workbook and Toolkit
  • Optional one-on-one coaching
  • Optional "Ask Me Anything About Communication" webinar

We equip employees to be more effective in their roles
by becoming more effective communicators

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